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Im Anna and you are amazing
#23 dreamy yet womanly and love all things girly !

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Missing my fuller brows so much bc of this woman 😂 lol #eyebrowtwin #wcw

I haven’t written on here in forever it’s cuz my computer crashed and little to no WiFi on my phone. But I’ve been sooo lost without my tumblrrr I thought I write something tonight. Ugh some customer at work thought I was pregnant what does this mean am I gaining weight I need to hit the gym ASAP ahh lol but shouldn’t let it bother me cuz I always had a it from the soda I had over the weekend I really indulge and drunk alot of it lol cuz I went to a concert at great america couldn’t resist some soda eventho I’ve been good and haven’t had soda in weeks. I also think it was from the slice of pizza I had on sunday..Ah I gotta be more kind to my body. Lol. Ah also I’ve been pretty down lately…got really sick still getting over the cough…and this guy I’ve been talking to totally let me down. I was in such a depressed mode but now I’m better I think I mean he just decided to be mean out of nowhere and was like fuck it byee..I’ll never understand. I tried talking to him but no respond. So now gotta let it go. Let him be when I wasted all these months spending time with him just to find out he was gunna let me down easy. Never thought he would be like this. He always seemed so loving but he’s so cruel. Didn’t wanna be bothered but I really cared about him. Ugh why do I fall for the selfish ones. Now I just gotta start over.

She always knows just what I need when I’m down and sick…didn’t want the weekend to end. 😂 💛 #feelsomuchbetter #happy #sawcherlloydbecauseofher #sisters  #weekendcomeback #ughitsmonday
Can I just be you April O’Neil #wcw #tmnt #samehaircolor #alittleobsessed

can this be me plz

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"Always go after her. No matter how mad she seems. She loves you more than words can tell."{a.d.a} (via exquisite-calamity)

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