Living in a make believe land

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Im Anna and you are amazing
#23 dreamy yet womanly and love all things girly !

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I always wanted to be accepted and love despite my appearence/good looks whatever. I wanna be loved for all my hopes and dreams…and even childish ways. Its like they say all this stuff is distracting ppl from seeing the real me or my true beauty. But all this stuff has become a part of me, a part of my personality, a part of my uniquness.And i am not afraid to share that to the world. I know i am a true girly girl. I will always be this way no matter what. There will always be this girly spark inside of me. Its like ppl expect me to be something im not. But i know God created me this way; and for a reason.  I know i can be depressed for a while; maybe even cave in to what ppl think or say. But at the end of the day there remarks only matter to a certain extent. At the end of the day i still gotta believe i am an amazing lady! I get insprired really easily, and well i love that about myself. I have always stayed true to myself. So what; I like getting dressed up..doing something new to my hair; having a different makeup look everyday. Those things shouldnt be distracting because there my own way of expressing myself. It shows ppl what i love; what i am passionate about. I can be shy; but my style is completly known; and i was never afraid of being stylish. Its like i was born this way. Born for the passion of styling and color. And maybe i shouldnt care if ppl may assume i come off weird or vain; bc i know im not ! The most inspiring ppl always had there flaws but were always amazing; and i believe i can be that way too. I just gotta believe in me <3 and know i have a heart like no other. And with my grace and style i can do anything.