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Im Anna and you are amazing
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another day i had to get a super rude customer ugh telling me im a bad cashier cuz ur freaking swimming pool thing isnt on sale if u actually read the label you’d see its the wrong one but go on and blame it on me…& my manager had to give it to her cuz she made a big scene smh ahh lol 

I seriously had the rudest customer today! She seriously kept complaining about the store saying she hates it ok but don’t take it out on me :p she really tried telling me that I need to work on my personality when she came through with an attitude already. It’s always when they don’t get what they want her freaking swimming pool wasn’t on sale and all of a sudden I’m not a friendly person ugh people are so annoying and I can’t help that I always look awkward :p now I’m gunna watch teen wolf and forget this happened lol

i always knew your dumbass would come running back when ur bored. I should have known from the start that you were weird and insecure. Assuming that absolute worst in me, telling me that while we were talking i was having sex with someone else really though how could you even think that of me. Like dont blame your insecurity for the reason why you were so fucked up. I am so glad i got over you as quick as i did cuz i am so much better than this. And you wanna come running back talking about being serious cant even own up to what you did…dont tell me i wasnt serious you clearly used me and i am worth so much more than that. 

why do guys get scared of me…is this a curse i will have forever?? Everytime i comepletely like/fall for a guy i go back to square one. he ends up running away & we dont get to finish what we start. Its like all of a sudden hes not excited to talk to me. Hes says hes not a texter but all of a sudden those are lies i just know it. something has come over him and i cant do nothing about it. I shoulda known from the start he wasnt that serious just a stoner that doesnt know how to be with a real woman. Like he has a lot of growing up to do. he needs to man up. Because i dont deserve to be treated like this i thought we were going to the next step become closer, and i was ready to be his girlfriend…he said he would take me out but those are lies too. this is the very reason why i didnt wanna see him in the beginning..i guess he was always just a flirt. And now i gone too far now he consumes me and i hate it. Im too much of a romantic to waste my time and see guys who arent serious. But somehow his charm stole my heart. shoulda listened to my bestie when she said i deserve someone 10x better. i am way too good for him. Like he was lucky to be in my presence. And now i guess we stopped talking since he wants to make excuses do his own thing. I just hate it cuz i really liked him. no matter how he tries to play it off nice i dont deserve this treatment. I was freaking amazing and hes an idiot…ugh  why does he have to be sooo dumb! I am so dissapointed i was really trying and for a moment he was too! Next time he comes around i dont care im gunna tell him exactly what i wanted and what i deserve and i will never settle less than that. But i hate that its been stressing me & it is becuz i really hopelessly like him.. 

this girl is seriously trying to point out my shyness cuz i dont remember her like really though me being shy has nothing to do with remembering youuu like i am pretty sure you never talked to me or hungout like you say we did like with me & my bestie and this other gurrrl really whos the other girl :P its so weird commenting like she knows us.. & .its just super annoying when someone points out someones shyness when its not even relevant..