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Im Anna and you are amazing
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this girl is seriously trying to point out my shyness cuz i dont remember her like really though me being shy has nothing to do with remembering youuu like i am pretty sure you never talked to me or hungout like you say we did like with me & my bestie and this other gurrrl really whos the other girl :P its so weird commenting like she knows us.. & .its just super annoying when someone points out someones shyness when its not even relevant..

why do i have rebecca ferguson mr bright eyes on repeat & why havent i discovered this song sooner..maybe cuz now it is the way i feel ;p i cannot deny what feels sooo true lol i feel like im too happy and this scares me is it possible to be this content with someone? And he says hes not annoyed when i get excited like everything i get worried about end up being all in my head with him…could he be in love with me? all these questions in my head…& i get a little jelly when i see girls commenting on him like noo hes my true love lol but noo really i never get jelly..i just think its the jokes on me :p 

i was so looking forward to spending the day with him.I mean we never get the same days off so i thought today would be perfect to hang but i guess he had to do things with his dad….or maybe i was just tooo excited to see him again..I mean i know he misses me so whats my problem hes the nicest down to earth guy i know..i do feel smitten and secure. i know again i shouldnt be worried. things always get in the way but i also feel like im being annoying wanting to hangout but i figured it was my turn to take the lead & show him my interest. thats exactly what i i know its too late but still havent got a text from him…i wonder if he even got my text last time he took forever he said he didnt. now im like going crazy lol but not too crazy ;p 

is this love? when it stings when you havent talked to them all day and whenever you do ur excited and the happiest everrrr..i havent felt this way in a long long time..

so im trying not to let this bothering me its like the first night i dont hear from him i start to worry again eventhough i shouldnt maybe his phone is acting up again ugh. And this has to be the night i feel lonely and i really miss him /:today and tomorrow are my days off and all i wanna do is be with him.i always get scared…scared that i give too much too soon…too much of my time..too much of my attention…maybe i just need some sleep..

bought another pair of sandals ugh ive been obsessed with buying shoes…but there the thing that completes the outfit & hate having a cute outfit with tacky shoes haha. & i couldnt resist the $1 shipping from gojane…seriously my go to online shop…i also bought an one piece white bathing suit i never know when i might need it…& like i feel way more confident with one pieces lol 

I seriously wanna find a new job…i really feel like i did my time at kmart and got my experience..this job is just so sucky ugh and today made me realize how much i need a new one! Like one of the managers was so rude i thought she said i could take my break so i was on my break and she came in the break room getting mad at me for being on my break like seriously & i had to go back and take my break lame. on top of that they hardly give me days off i only had one day off and this week again just one day off…next week thank god i have more…but yea i practically there almost everyday…& being there gets so stressful i dont mean to complain, but i am already exhausted from working here…the only thing good about it is i get paid every friday but other than that really this job kinda gives me anxiety. I am seriously gunna try finding a job at the mall a store i actually love & is more laid back…i think i had enough experience here ugh time to have my life back tired of wearing blue everyday too lol but yea until i find a new one gotta pull through everyday with this one…i just suck at loooking for new ones and doing job interviews but i gotta to keep myself happy ill be happier working retail at the mall like a smaller store ;p