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Im Anna and you are amazing
#23 dreamy yet womanly and love all things girly !

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my brother watching me take a selfie lol we look alike here ;p
work ;p 

Im not even bothered because hes not even my boyfie..but hes the one that said he wanted to see me today..i wouldnt even cared to see him I mean I do but its not like i need to :p its just he had to text me saying he had to run errands when i see him posting an instagram video of him smoking ah its like what should i even think…i really like him but why couldnt he just say he went smoking…ugh why do i have to fall in love with a stonerrrr…

ah i seriously havent heard from him since my bday…& i am not gunna hit him up first :p my bday was sunday and it is already wedneday night ugh. like what could he be doing all week to just not even think of texting me…but its watever ill just keep being single and sexy ;p today was super boring! it was my day off too and i didnt do anything just was super lazy…i guess thats alright cuz its my only day off. i havent even texted my trainer for my next workout. ah i gotta do that for sure tomorrow.I just been havent able to eat healthy and i know hes gunna ask me.I tried on a bikini today and now thats given me motivation to eat better my body isnt the way i’d like it to be ;p and i know its cuz i eat bad ugh..