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Im Anna and you are amazing
22 . dreamy yet womanly and love all things girly !

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ive been quite sad because i havent heard from the boy i have fallen for. It just gets me all worried when I start to like someone I get scared somethings going to screw it up. Maybe i shouldnt even be worried. Because he doesnt treat me like the others and I made him wait forever. But now that I have finally seen him I feel like I am getting less of him. I tried to stop myself from liking him too much because I know how I get. I know how i am when I am falling in love. Ugh I hate it cuz i am such a romantic and I cannot control my feelings. Idk this has just been keeping me up and I miss him. Whenever he texts me I guess i text him too late…but he still hasnt called /: i wish i didnt have to feel like this but this is how i know i have really fallen because this wouldnt bother me before ugh..

lots of hair ;p i need a haircut! 
ugly face ;p 
sorry for the messy background ;p